Ep: 29 All-Female Powerhouse

Listen in to our series “Let’s get technical: Meet the Outstanding Women in Manufacturing & Technology” for a continued discussion on a “Strong Women” community. In part 2, members explain how they support and empower one another in order to succeed professionally in this latest panel discussion.

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Powerhouse all-female panel discussion to empower women

Our panel discussion on the “Strong Women” community continues with some of the group’s most outspoken and enthusiastic members. Meet Hydee Ong, DELMIA Portfolio Marketing Director in Long Beach, California; Rachel Skousen,  ENOVIA Sales Expert, Royal Oak, Michigan; Christine Vandiver, DELMIAWORKS FP&A Analyst, DW Finance, Massachusetts; and Rebecca Huus, High Tech Sales Transaction Support, Minnesota. Tune in as they tackle topics of assertiveness, equity, and the importance of the “Strong Women” community.

Learn how they support and empower one another in part two of our "series on "Strong Women."

You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down,” - Unknown

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Meet Our Speakers

rebecca huus

Rebecca Huus

Dassault Systèmes Sales Operations, focusing on the High-Tech industry

hydee ong

Hydee Ong

DELMIA Portfolio Marketing Director

rachel skousen

Rachel Skousen

ENOVIA Sales Expert

christine vandiver

Christine Vandiver

DELMIAWORKS FP&A Analyst, DW Finance

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