Ep: 28 "Strong Women" Community

Listen in on our series “Let’s get technical: Meet the Outstanding Women in Manufacturing & Technology” for a discussion on the “Strong Women” community.  Started by Dassault Systemes employee, Becca Huus, the community objective is to empower its members and encourage women to propel professionally.

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Launching a new women’s support and empowerment group

The “Strong Women” community had begun and was established when a group of women from Dassault Systemes attended two webinars that were being offered at work:  one was on an assertiveness training and the other was on confidence-building techniques for women. The mission of this group is to create a supportive environment for women to lift each other up, grow in their careers, promote self- confidence, influence by sharing knowledge and advocating for women's equity across the organization, thereby encouraging all women to propel professionally.

Learn how they support and empower one another in part one of our series on "Strong Women."

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Meet Our Speaker

rebecca huus

Rebecca Huus

Dassault Systèmes Sales Operations, focusing on the High-Tech industry

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