Ep: 24 Drive these Five Critical Success Factors

In episode 24, Eric Green Vice President at DELMIA and Mike Bradford, DELMIA Strategic Business Development, continue the discussion on the Transformation Journey Notes Series. They’ll discuss Notes 7: Five Critical Success Factors.  

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Drive transformation with technical strategies in notes 7

In this last recording of the Transformation Journey Research Notes Series, Eric and Mike focus on the technical strategies and architectural paths that transformation leaders have used to deliver that step change.

Tune in to hear about these five technology critical success factors:

1. Managing multiple technologies simultaneously

2. Defining a to-be operational architecture

3. Democratizing data

4. Selecting and executing the right architectural path

5. Deploying a business-led technology strategy

They will drill into each of these to provide tips and tricks for Transformation program success. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of these technology best practices will enable you to make more informed and valuable decisions from planning your technical strategies to deciding the right architectural path for your business—it might even make for an interesting conversation with IT.

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Meet Our Speakers


Eric Green

Vice President, DELMIA
Mike Bradford DELMIA Strategic Business Development Director

Mike Bradford

DELMIA Strategic Business Development, Dassault Systèmes

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