Ep: 21 Meet the Outstanding Women in Manufacturing and Technology with WiM

Our new series, “Let’s get technical: Meet the Outstanding Women in Manufacturing & Technology” kicks off with a discussion on the international consortium, “Women in Manufacturing.”

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Discover Women in Manufacturing

Our new podcast series focuses on extraordinary women in manufacturing and technology. Each episode will feature their aspirations, accomplishments and inspiration for other women. DELMIA is honored to work with a variety of women in the manufacturing and technology fields--both as employees and clients alike -- and showcase their achievements. Enjoy this new series as we highlight outstanding women and how they’re paving the way for others.

Our series kickoffs with Angela Grigonis Regan, Director of Business Development, Dassault Systemes.  Angela will be discussing her role beyond the workplace and involvement in Women in Manufacturing, an international foundation that works to empower women workers and strengthen the manufacturing sector. Listen in to her incredible story!

To learn about WiM:

Visit the Women in Manufacturing foundation website: https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/

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Meet Our Speaker

angela grigonis regan

Angela Grigonis Regan

Director of Business Development, Dassault Systemes/Chair, Women in Manufacturing, Massachusetts Chapter

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