Ep: 14 The Business Benefits of Transformation

The Transformation Journey Notes 4 focuses on the business benefits of transformation. Listen to this podcast to hear about the value and potential ROIs companies can expect.

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Unleash the business value of transformation in notes 4

In this podcast, Eric Green, Vice President, DELMIA and Adrian Wood, Director of Strategic Business Development at DELMIA continue the discussion on the Transformation Journey Research Notes Series. They highlight the business benefits of transformation including the value and ROI.

In this Transformation Journey Research Note Series™, find out why the business improvement benefits of a transformation journey are real and significant--though they vary widely by industry, manufacturing model, transformation maturity and company. Transformation in this context is a journey to a specific “to be” environment. Leaders in transformation look not only at business improvement but also articulate a “to be” vision of where their business is going.

Download Notes 4 of the Transformation Journey here.

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Meet Our Speakers


Eric Green

Vice President, DELMIA
Adrian Wood> Operational Optimization> Dassault Systèmes®

Adrian Wood

DELMIA Strategic Business Development Director, Dassault Systèmes

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