Ep: 9 Ergonomic Workplace Designer Made Easy for Non-Experts

Listen to how a DELMIA customer explains how to use Ergonomic Workplace Designer even if you’re a “non-expert.”

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Discover a breakthrough role in the design of manufacturing work spaces

In this Podcast, Julie Charland, DELMIA Ergonomics Portfolio Director in Montreal continues the discussion on Ergonomic Workplace Designer, a breakthrough role in the design of manufacturing work spaces. She obtains the customer perspective from Anais Richard, an Ergonomist at a manufacturing company in France revealing how this solution can easily be used by a “non-expert.”

Empowering Manufacturing Engineers to make key decisions in order to design safe and efficient workplaces:

•    One-click probable manikin posturing with the Smart Posturing engine technology
•    Create better visibility for opportunities to improve safety, productivity and efficiency
•    Incorporate ergonomic assessments as part of any project
•    Identify and mitigate potential injury risks
•    Integrate ergonomics with overall planning with Ergo4all

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Julie Charland

DELMIA Ergonomic Roles Portfolio Director

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