Ep 1: Workforce Planner

Listen our latest podcast to find out how, during these uncertain times, we are enabling companies to quickly achieve optimized staff allocation and deal with disruptions.

Global operations on the go podcast

Build Emergency Plans for End-to-End Supply Planning

During these uncertain times, we are helping to build emergency plans for end-to-end supply planning. Visibility enables you to see in real-time the impact of each decision on critical KPIs, enabling you to quickly achieve optimized staff allocation and deal with disruptions.

Configurable views, dashboards, and reports provide the means to compare different scenarios to make the best decision based on priorities.

Focusing on the critical data required to support essential decisions, our methodology is both rapid and pragmatic – a hosted solution means we can start generating value within just 30 days.
This rapid implementation enables stakeholders to be able to make better decisions and has a tangible impact on value for the company and, just as importantly, personal value for as much of the workforce as possible.

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DELMIA Global Operations on the Go

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Camilo Gaviria

DELMIA VP Technical Sales

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