GT - Photo Studio


Engineering Domain : Product Synthesis

Product Overview

PHOTO STUDIO generates high-quality, photo-realistic images and movies of projects in 3D for virtual building walk-throughs, ideal for presenting design projects in realistic context. State-of-the-art ray tracing; rendering exceeds that of graphic cards. Photo Studio's ray tracing technology provides real shadow computation and reflection effects, enabling anti-aliased images and computing images bigger than full-screen resolution. Photo Studio is based on Mental Image's mental ray, the industry leading rendering core system for digital content creation and CAD/CAM. Easy-to-create, realistic renderings: simply load a model and click the rendering icon. Instant graphical previews provide immediate feedback. Images can be saved in multiple formats, such as .rgb, .jpeg, .tiff, .bmp. Control rendering quality and time spent to compute an image. Control and reuse: Define reusable scene settings by specifying light sources, cameras, materials, and stickers. Use spherical, cylindrical, or cubical environments to simulate interior or exterior scenes, and specify the rendering objects involved in a shoot. Powerful animation: Turntables can generate sequences of images representing model rotation. Videos are easy to create by setting camera, light and environment parameters.

Customer Benefits

  • Photo Studio provides physically realistic simulations of models appearance for better design communication and validation.