pe4 OrCAD Library Connector to 3DEXPERIENCE

by : EXPI

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : PCS V6

Product Overview

The pe4 OrCAD Library Connector for ENOVIA provides Cadence OrCAD CIS users with an effective and lean integration of their OrCAD CIS parts library  with ENOVIA.

The connector will synchronize the parts database of ENOVIA with the electronic CAD library from a parts perspective and vice versa. ENOVIA will hereby act as a parts master for the component library of the company, so that all the relevant approval and life cycle processes are managed inside the ENOVIA PLM system through the available applications.
ENOVIA acts as the single source of component information holding the latest state, stock, supplier, and technical information and ensures the data integrity between ENOVIA and the ECAD component database. 

The  pe4 OrCAD Library Connector for ENOVIA ensures central, company-wide availability of all ECAD library information via ENOVIA V6 – thereby supporting unlimited collaboration between different departments and locations

Customer Benefits

  • The product will enable customers to manage their electronic component data in ENOVIA. It eliminates mistakes from using duplicate or incomplete data by managing data from multiple CAD systems in a single, controlled location
  • Designers can use native CAD tools to find PCB components and display ENOVIA attributes and Enterprise users can use ENOVIA to find CAD parts and display CAD parameters. ENOVIA will be the single source of truth for the Electronic component data.
  • Bi-directional integration between ENOVIA and the ECAD component database for parametric component synchronization
  • The engineer gains access to all relevant ENOVIA information related to the individual part, Manufacturer equivalents, where-used and other information maintained in ENOVIA