Communicator for ENOVIA

by : Qore8

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : CPF V5

Product Overview


Qore8 helps automate ENOVIA business processes by using triggers to launch various workflows, based on change action events during different lifecycle stages.  We do this by converting over hundreds of various formats, OOTB, to alternative formats such as PDF, within 3DEXPERIENCE.  

Our customers leverage metadata without limits by stamping for regulatory requirements. Add virtually any data or file as a permanent meta stamp to your document. Marking your designs at each lifecycle state and upon modification of specific attributes will protect intellectual property, prevent version erosion, and satisfy legal and export compliance regulations.

Standard features

•           Convert any file type

•           PDF/A formats

•           OCR files

•           Regulatory compliance tool

•           Multi-document merging

•           Dynamic stamping and Watermarking

•           Digital and Electronic signatures

•           Document Compression

Additional Components

•           3D Portability/Conversions

•           Object Part Change Management

•           Custom table automation

•           Custom Document Generation

•           World-wide connectivity to any network for bulk printing


Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

We offer a pre built, integrated document management component for 3DEXPERIENCE that shortens the deployment cycle.  Simplify the user experience and reduce the number of manual interactions.

Simple to use

•           FULLY INTERGRATED CAA Partner

•           Out-of-the-box integration

•           Point-and-click interface

•           A single, easy to navigate panel

•           Fast and reliable

•           Robust design

•           Supports all versions

•           Promotes Traceability

•           Facilitates Version Control and prevents erosion

•           Protects valuable IP

•           Flexible setup options to support various operating structures

•           Ensures 100% document Fidelity

•           Enhanced saleability

•           Convert legacy data in bulk

•           Automatic paper sizing

•           Create customized schema flows to retrieve specific documents.

Bill of Material (BOM) management application

Our user-friendly, BOM application provides a framework to develop custom commands to generate bill of materials based on user filters.  Export the desired BOM table and format to an excel file with the flexibility to customize both row and column data. Users can export to excel with thumbnails of the 3D models.

Custom Table Automation

Reduce engineering design time with an automated stamping process in batch mode, alleviating the need to update custom tables and fields within your native cad files. Update the title block with metadata properties automatically or without user intervention.

Digital signature with certificate management

Having the right approvals, at the right time, in the right sequence, are pivotal to an organizations self-preservation. Put a guarantee on your designs by ensuring their authenticity with Digital Signatures. Manage, deploy, and monitor your organizations certificates intuitively and effectively.  

Superior Customer Support

Installation, maintenance, tech support, upgrades or migrating to another version of ENOVIA

Metadata without limits, stamping your way

Add virtually any data or file as a permanent meta stamp to your document. Customizable data stamping with client-side administrative formatting is available.


A simple, yet powerful, architecture supports your entire enterprise, no matter its structure. Link sites worldwide and process documents by consistent or variable parameters.