Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Software to bidirectional exchange CAD models between CATIA V5 and exchange format VDA FS/2.0

MVI PROPLANT’s „MVI VDA/FS Interface CAA V5 based“ processor enables the bidirectional exchange of 3D CAD model data between CATIA V5 and other CAx systems using the VDA/FS V2.0 surface interface as defined by the Automobile Industry Association (VDA).

The processor can be integrated into CATIA and can be used in interactive CATIA sessions, which enables you to conveniently select all options and settings for flow control and to launch the transmission process. As an alternative, you may also start the individual modules as a batch program, which enables you to include the translator into user defined interfaces or automated data exchange. In both modes the user can control the exchange process by setting various translation options. The model structure of CATIA product, parts as well as individually selected parts can be transmitted to VDAFS and vice versa.

Customer Benefits

  • Bidirectional data exchange of 3D CAD models between CATIA V5 and other applications using the standardized file based exchange data format VDA/FS 2.0
  • Integration of processor into CATIA V5 for interactive use, or
  • Using software as a batch processor to support automated data exchange processes
  • Wide range of options the steer translation processes
  • High stability of exchange processes due to long term development of processor