by : CENIT

Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, PDG V5

Product Overview

Product Overview

FASTELECTRODE is a solution that covers the complete EDM sinking process.

The product automates the design, documentation and production (NC-machining) of electrodes to be used in EDM sinking processes. FASTELECTRODE supports the entire process, from preparing the electrode definition to the automated design of the electrodes and their NC machining.

Due to seamless integration in CATIA V5, a significant gap in the mold and tooling design process has been closed. Clear and simple user guidance, reduction of user entries to the most important ones, full control of all the powerful CATIA functions and complete parameterisation of electrodes for efficient change management are some of the advantages of this CAA product.


Product Advantages:

  • Setup of project and electrode product structure
  • Profile selection and easy extraction of electrode faces
  • Geometrical functions to complete the electrode
  • Adding reference frame, holder and technological information
  • Create electrode 2D documentation (MS-Excel, CATDrawing, XML and ASCII)
  • Automated NC programming of electrodes
  • Download of documentation and process data to shop floor (Zwicker XML, …)

Customer Benefits

  • Dedicated solution for electrode design and documentation
  • Uniform design process
  • Evident time savings for electrode documentation
  • Integration of company standards
  • Associative and update compatible
  • The user is involved in concurrent engineering process at an earlier stage.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the CATIA V5 workflow, based on the CAA V5 architecture, operated with ease-of-use interfaces.