SPEOS CAA V5 Based - Visual Ergonomics

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, PHS V5

Product Overview

Allows CATIA V5 users to simulate and analyze the interaction between human, product and its lighting environment, taking into account physiological aspects of human perception. SPEOS CAA V5 Based will bring high added value to those developing lighting for vehicles, dashboards, control rooms, cockpits, electronics systems, GPS, LCD displays, Hi-Fi, mobile phones... by enabling them to create high quality lighting and visual ergonomics simulations of their products for early design validation and consequently reduce the number of physical prototypes. It will enable stylists and designers to see the final working appearance of the product, and give ergonomists a view of the product integrated into its final environment (such as a LCD screen on a car dashboard, surrounded by other controls and displays). The ergonomist will thus be able to check visual comfort and harmony of the product in its context. Light and color contrast, glare and dazzling, and ghost reflections can all be simulated. Dedicated measurement tools have been developed to measure lisibility / readability of information depending on observator's age.

Customer Benefits

  • Integrates Visual Ergonomics and human vision in Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product is simulated as perceived in real lit environment providing the exact color, appearance and signature of your product
  • Human eye modeling for ergonomics studies of visual comfort, for improvement of safety, human machine interfaces
  • Physics and physiological based true color and light behavior analysis
  • Fast learning curve