Type3 Graphic Wrap CAAV5 Based


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling
Prerequisites : MD1 V5

Product Overview

Type3 Graphic and Wrap Package. Provides CATIA V5 users with professional integrated Typographic/Text capabilities, and logo handling, coupled with the use of a scanner directly driven in CATIA V5. Users can scan and raster-to-vector an artwork to precisely retrieve its contours. Users can also use True Type or Single-Line fonts directly in CATIA V5. In addition, it enables CATIA V5 users to project the text or map a graphic design onto any 3D shape in the required position. Also provides users with standard, conical, and cylindrical projections/mapping. Text projected on a 3D shape is easily editable, and changes appear directly in CATIA V5 thanks to the tight integration of Type3. Geometry created by Type3 can be rendered and made photorealistic !!

Customer Benefits

  • Full integration with CATIA CAAV5 environment : real PARAMETRIC text feature, and ery short learning-curve thanks to an user-friendly interface integrated in CATIA

  • Professional and powerful tools for text, fonts, numbers, symbols...

  • High precision vectorization of various type of images or scanned graphics

  • Possibility to create MACROS with text features. Compatibility with Formula, Design Table and Power Copy. Compatible with Formula, Design table and Power Copy

  • Unique Projection and Mapping strategies that fit any complex surface (single and multi)