CAA V5 for CATIA - Analysis

Required for developing on top of the CAA V5 Finite Element Analysis Infrastructure.


5 days


At the end of this course, attendees will be familiar with the CAA V5 Analysis development infrastructure, know how to integrate their own mesh generator, define their new pre-processing features, how to plug their own solver, and how to define some specific ways to display the results.

Participants' profile:

C++ programmers ONLY.


To take full advantage of this instruction, participants are expected to be familiar with:
     - CATIA V5 Analysis workbenches practice : GPS Training recommended    
     - CAA V5 For CATIA - Getting Started (Mandatory)

Content Abstract: 
  • Reminders about the previous CAA training

  • CAA V5 Analysis Model Overview
    CATAnalysis document structure
    Main notions introduction

  • CAA V5 Meshing Model
    Describe the meshing specifications and the result model
    - H
    ow to plug your own mesh generator

  • CAA V5 Pre-Processing Model
    Present the existing pre-processing specifications and the result model called the explicit model
    - H
    ow to define your own pre-processing specifications

  • CAA V5 Solver Integration
    Describe how to integrate your own solver and to store the resulting data.

  • CAA V5 Post-Processing Model
    How to display the results
    How to compute new results from existing one on the spot and display

Training material and method used:

   - Classroom with 10 participants maximum, 2 per Windows machine;
   - Teacher's presentation & demos for one third of the time; two-thirds for hands on practice.
   - Practice: a simple application to be enriched by a new object type to illustrate all these components
     and all the application development aspects
   - Training material handed out in paper format