CAA V5 for CATIA - Advanced

Advanced techniques for extending the V5 data model in the Part and Product context.


5 days


At the end of this class, participants will know how to extend the V5 Data Model in the CATPart or CATProduct context by using different techniques (user defined feature, new feature deriving from DS ones or not, feature extension).

Participants' profile:

C++ programmers ONLY.


To take full advantage of this instruction, participants are expected to have attended:
CAA V5 for CATIA – Getting Started (MANDATORY)

Content Abstract: 
  • The Specification Modeler: 
    How to define, instantiate, update and edit new Features

  • Applicative Container (basic principles only)

  • User Defined Feature: 
    - Creation of a UDF, how to customize the interface of a UDF, how to manage UDF through CAA

  • Visualization: 
    - How to implement the basic interfaces to manage the display of your new feature

  • Applicative Container Management

  • Extending the mechanical modeler:
    Geometric and topologic operators,
    Datum feature,
    Creation of a new Mechanical Feature

  • The Specification Modeler: Feature Extension

  • Comparison of the different techniques to extend the data model

  • Extending the Knowledgeware: 
    How to define a User function

  • Error management

  • CAA V5 Development Environment Advanced
    Source Code Management 
    - TeamWork Management

Training material and method used:

- Classroom with 10 participants maximum, 2 per Windows machine
- Teacher's presentation & demos for one third of the time; two-thirds for hands on practice
- Practice: a simple application to be enriched by a new object type to illustrate all these components and all the application development aspects 
- Training material handed out in paper format