CAA V5/V6 apps Developer Training

Dassault Systemes provides V5/V6 Software Partners and Adopters with training courses for CAA V5 and V6/3DEXPERIENCE application development on C++.


If you are part of the DS Software Partner Community, your agreement includes the CAA training courses at DS, Vélizy, France. For the number of employees that training is provided for and details, please refer to your CAA V5/V6 agreement or contact your Account Manager.

In addition to training provided in your agreement, you may also register any number of additional employees for training, as well as register for other CAA V5/V6 training courses.

For training registrations beyond what is provided in your CAA V5/V6 agreement or if you are a DS customer, a commercial proposal will be sent to the employee you designate in the registration form. Registration is not confirmed until your purchase order is received. If your purchase order is not received eighteen (18) days before the first day of training, your registration will be cancelled.

TO REGISTER for a CAA V5/V6 training course, please click on the REGISTER button and complete the registration form with the name and contact information of the people who will attend the course and the person who is responsible for the purchase order.

For more information, please contact us.

2017 Calendar






July. 24-28, 2017


5 days

3DS (France)


Aug. 7-11, 2017

CAA for CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE - Getting Started

5 days

3DS (France)



* The CAA course content will be defined according to the attendees need. It will be one of the existing courses listed on the top of this page. 

To register, click on the "Register" button and then choose the CAA course you want to attend.