Why choose an Industry certified Partner

Dassault Systèmes delivers sales and techsales Industry specific learning and certification programs to on-board and mature the 3DS dedicated ecosystem with the skills to successfully identify, engage and deploy the Industry Solution Experience.

Thus we have built the Partner Industry Certification program to recognize Business Partners investments and achievements on their abilities to articulate and demonstrate our Industry Solution Experience, specifically addressing the following skills:

  • assess customer’s business and technical environment, qualify an opportunity and propose a solution
  • confidently articulate and demonstrate the value and capabilities of the Industry Solution Experience to answer the customer requirements
  • develop a business proposal to address customer’s requirements and targeted Return On Investment (ROI), describe the solution in terms of its industry processes, packaging, and competitive differentiators.


The industry certification status is updated quarterly according to the rules we applied to business partners:






If you are a Business Partner, you can find more details on the Partner Portal