Why Become a Business Partner?

When you decide to partner with Dassault Systèmes, you decide to partner with a world leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),  who will help reinforce your growth strategy, help you discover and enter the 3DEXPERIENCE era based on a fair and predictable channel business model and long-term channel management expertise.


Reinforce your growth strategy

  • 3DS provides innovative 3DEXPERIENCE solutions thanks to heavy investments in R&D
  • 3DS is a world leader in  PLM
  • Strengthen your position in your market
  • 3DS has a long-term market vision to help you build long-term business strategies

Leverage 3DS's channel expertise

  • You are part of a world-wide 3DS eco-system that provides online and local support
  • Clear go-to-market model
  • Training and certification programs
  • Dedicated partner account manager
  • Formal and free-of-charge "on-boarding" experience to enable you to become self-sufficient
  • Co-Marketing program with online infrastructure to contribute to Pipeline creation
  • Co-funding and co-marketing services : ready to use In-a-Box campaigns, Events support, marketing assets
  • Marketing Services Bureau
  • Dedicated  local 3DS Channel Marketing

Enter the 3DEXPERIENCE era

  • Targeted solutions for each targeted industry (driven by sustainability and harmonization)
  • Pre-packaged industry sales offerings
  • 3DEXPERIENCE solutions support

Benefit from a fair & predictable business model

  • Attractive financial model focused on both business growth (software license revenue) and long-term customer satisfaction (recurrent maintenance revenue)
  • Complementary service business