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SOLIZE India Technologies Private Limited (formerly CSM Software Private Limited) was founded in the year 1992, with the mission of enabling the nascent engineering industry in India, to adopt computer based methodologies for solving complex engineering problems faced by the industry. Ever since its inception, SOLIZE India Technologies has taken lead in introducing the then sun-rise technologies like Finite Element Modelling and Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multi-disciplinary Optimization, three dimensional mathematical modelling, etc.

SOLIZE India Technologies has been an essential partner in almost all product development programs of the major industry players in India. SOLIZE India Technologies has the unique distinction of having provided engineering software solutions to the automotive OEMs, sub-system suppliers, aeronautical, space, Defense, Research and other engineering industries in India. In 2003, SOLIZE India Technologies set up its Engineering Services division, which over the last one and half decades has matured into a high-value-add engineering services support provider for its customers.

Engineering being a knowledge-intensive activity, SOLIZE India Technologies recognized the significance of skill and knowledge development among the practicing engineers’ community and among the students of engineering. SOLIZE India Technologies has been actively working with the premier engineering universities in India, helping them to set up design infrastructure and providing knowledge and skill development support.

In May 2016, SOLIZE India Technologies (formerly CSM Software Private Limited) was acquired by the SOLIZE group. As a part of the SOLIZE group, SOLIZE India Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide best in class engineering software, innovation consulting and design engineering services to Indian and global customers, which has helped them in solving complex technical and business challenges. In accordance with the global strategy of the SOLIZE group to become an essential engineering partner for its customers, in June 2019 the company’s name was changed from CSM to SOLIZE India Technologies Private Limited.

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The team at SOLIZE India Technologies has a strong focus on creating unique & rewarding customer experiences.  With over two decades of experience of working with customers across various industry segments like Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Industrial Equipment and others, our team is uniquely positioned to work closely and support its customers to embark on the digital transformation & innovation journey using various Dassault Systemes’ technology offerings. The global strategy of the SOLIZE group is to be an essential engineering partner for its customers and we believe our partnership with Dassault Systèmes enables us to accomplish this by brining value to our customers.

The vision of the SOLIZE Group is “True evolution you can experience” and our Mission is “Transforming wisdom and technology into innovation.”

As a 3DS partner, we are aligned with their vision to provide business & people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature and life. We help in creating better processes and bring in efficiencies for the sustainable growth for our customers. We strive to create viable synergies between humans and technology, and dedicate ourselves to enabling innovation, allowing people and organizations to create value more than ever.


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