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CADNexus is a global provider of interoperability software for collaborative multi-CAD & CAE environments. The Company’s flagship software product CAPRI provides seamless, vendor-independent interoperability of leading CAD and CAE engineering tools for faster, more efficient simulation-driven design. Developed by principal researchers and Ph.D.’s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CADNexus products are used by some of the worlds’ leading organizations in aerospace, automotive, and defense. Combined with comprehensive consulting services and deep domain expertise in the world of CAD & CAE tools and technologies, CADNexus solutions help organizations dramatically reduce engineering costs, errors, and time-to-market across the product lifecycle.

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CADNexus CAPRI CAE Gateway provides a bidirectional, feature-based, integration of CAD systems with CAE applications for simulation, optimization, and other virtual product development processes. With CAPRI CAE Gateway for CATIA V5, analysts can work on a translation-free view of the CATIA V5 geometry, maintain full control over the accuracy of the model, and significantly reduce the effort to go from CATIA V5 to a mesh-ready format. Synchronizing simulation runs with design changes can be fully automated with CAPRI. Whether the design is updated by a CAD designer, analyst, or an optimization tool, a robust associative link to CATIA means all the simulation preprocessing data can be reliably updated without any manual intervention.

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