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We provide software training and consulting services in Computer Aided Engineering and carry out product simulation using Finite Element Analysis and multiphysics.

Simuleon is a reseller for the Dassault Systemes SIMULIA product range which includes the Abaqus and Isight simulation products along with associated training and implementation. SIMULIA covers a vast range of different analysis types using implicit and explicit solver technologies, including linear, non-linear, buckling, thermal and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our simulation expertise and training allows you to maximise your return on investment made in simulation software by making it an intrinsic part of the design process.

A central part of Simuleon is our Simulation Consultancy. Our dedicated team of simulation experts use finite element analysis software for individual projects. Examples of these projects are in structural, dynamic, thermal, CFD and multiphysics. Our consultants also develop methods to help you create and implement simulation strategies to gain real financial and technical benefits for your business

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