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smartCable provides  software solutions for the product creation process of wiring harnesses from design to manufacturing. The data centric and rule based approach assures first time right designs.

The new requirements as e-mobility and autonomous driving make a redesign of today’s unidirectional harness process inevitable.  smartCable’s software tools, in productive use with suppliers and OEM,  already meet these requirements today.
As a member of STEP, smartCable has many years of experience with the exchange formats KBL and VEC, which simplify the data exchange between suppliers, OEMs and tools become more and more binding.
smartCable provides consulting services , training, implementation support.

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Our expertise with CATIA V5 allows direct access to CATIA’s 3D model. This ensures that all harness relevant details are detected and processed. Engineering knowledge, cumulated in design rule catalogues controls each step, this avoids subsequent corrections and unproductive iteration steps in design. Through digital transformation, constructive contents of a 3D model, associated, schematics and 2D documentation are directly comparable.

Constructive alternatives can be evaluated by the built-in preview of production costs – smartCable own a patent for the   method to create working instruction for all harness elements.
This integrated simulation allows to predict the automation of a design based on 3D model , to assess different design alternatives and to find an optimized   solution for the manufacturing process.

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