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With over 20 years of experience in developing software for the physical wiring harness system and OEM specifications, smartCable is the ideal supplier to develop innovative software solutions for the design and manufacturing process of the vehicle electrical system.
The model-based approach allows the integration of simulation and virtual validation directly into the process. This is a prerequisite for optimization, efficiency and transparency.

Development times are shortened, while the reusability of subsystems in other series is made easier. The simulation of work planning on the basis of the design model is the essential prerequisite for gradually automating manual process steps.

The calculation of the production costs, as well as identification of steps that can be automated, provides cost transparency. The automated change process is a unique feature of smartCable’s software solutions and guarantees error-free, consistent data throughout the life cycle.

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smartCable’s expertise related to the product creation process of wiring harnesses has been applied to the development of practical and innovative solutions for the life cycle of wiring harnesses.

  • All harness-relevant details in a CATIA model are detected and processed.
  • Virtual validation controls each step. Time to market is reduced.
  • High performance guaranteed, with3D routing, geometric and electrical configuration, flattening process.
  • Using digital transformation, the 3D design model, the corresponding harness drawing and other documentation are directly comparable. Synchronization of versions is supported.
  • smartCable holds a patent for the method to automatically create working instructions for all elements in a harness model. This method is used for a precise forecast of production costs for defined KSK configurations.

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