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Founded in 1997, smartCable provides innovative software solutions for harness design and manufacturing.
Toolsuite V5H (integrated in CATIA V5) and MS_Cable (based on MicroStation) support the whole product creation process, integrate all data from all sources (geometry, E/E, configuration) into a single unique data model.

As a development partner of Dassault since 2006 (CATIA V5) and Bentley since 1997 (MicroStation), smartCable is able to customize these software applications to customer’s system environment.
For optimal adjustment to customer’s PLM and manufacturing processes customer specific userware is implemented as a service. smartCable is  member of STEP iViP and is  involved into the VDA activities related to standardization of data exchange formats: KBL, ELOG, KOMP.

smartCable owns a patent (EU, USA) to create the harness manufacturing model directly from digital master. This feature is used not only for a precise cost forecast but also for generation of working plans for each individual customer specific harness. Continuous dataflow between these design and manufacturing allow respecting manufacturing rules in early phases of design without any manual interaction: a prerequisite to optimize production cost and to avoid mistakes.   

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V5H (integrated in CATIA V5) offers functionality for design engineering, drawing generation and manufacturing documentation including cutting sheets, test programs, working instructions of wiring harnesses. V5H scans the CATIA 3D model, extracts the harness relevant data items, imports electric information (several interfaces are available) and configuration.

Creation of digital master model is controlled by design rules which guarantee consistency and rule conformity of data model. Design errors are detected in early stages of design. Usage of the embedded cost analysis allows optimization of harness architecture before detailed documentation is created. The integrated V5H_CHANGE process with compareCHANGE (creation of a design difference report) and activeCHANGE (usage of design change information and update of existing documentation) avoids manual processes, which are both time consuming and can compromise quality. Up to 80% savings can be reached. Data consistency in the whole design process and synchronization between 3D models and drawings are retained, which provides a crucial advantage for downstream process steps in manufacturing preparation and the creation of service documents.

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