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Company address: 6-7 Bankside Hanborough Business Park Long Hanborough OX29 8LJ WITNEY , GBR


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Desktop Engineering Ltd (DTE) is a leading engineering software solutions provider and full service consultancy focusing on quality, responsiveness and technical excellence. Working in multiple industries to maximise return on technology investment for all clients. Above all, it prides itself on customer retention.  Founded in 1986, DTE has built up a team with many decades of experience in applying, supporting and training to industry standards of  Dassault Systèmes technologies to major manufacturers and their supply chains.


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Thanks to 3D visualization and the flexibility of digital content, all processes – from design through marketing to maintenance and recycling – can share, reuse, and enhance product information in the pursuit of an optimum strategy. DS’s 3D technologies provide the most appropriate vehicle for achieving this goal, helping companies innovate and become more agile and effective.
 As a full service provider, DTE trains and supports its customers in the use and application of these solutions, together with methodology development to improve design productivity and efficiency. Above all, DTE prides itself on quality, responsiveness and technical excellence which is why we have such a high customer retention rate.





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