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Contact Information

Company name: SOFTWAVE LTD

Company address: RM1201 BLDG M2 733 EAST FUXING RD 200010 SHANGHAI 31, CHN

Phone: (086)215/080-2328

Fax: (086)215/080-2326

Website: http://www.cst-china.cn

Partner Overview

上海软波工程软件有限公司2004年成立于上海市浦东新区张江高科技园区,在达索并购CST之前曾经是CST软件在中国的唯一代理。目前为达索在中国的代理商,专注于CST产品线。十几年间我们将CST在中国的正式授权用户从零发展到来自研究机构、外企、国企和高校等三百余家。专业销售CST软件,并提供相关的售前售后技术支持、设计咨询、培训和二次开发等全面服务。专业和专注是我们的特点,十余年的技术积累和沉淀是我们为CST用户提供精良高效技术服务的有力保障。我们为中国广大的CST用户编著了具有自主知识产权的全中文的《CST用户丛书》1到18册,覆盖CST工作室套装整个产品线,提供软件操作流程及详细步骤,是一套完整详尽的用户自学丛书。We are the specialists in CST software, who are the dedicated distributor of the CST software over the past decades. We have been delivering the professional pre- and post-sales technical support, consulting, training, and customized technical services to several hundreds of customers in China, all around the CST software. A package of 18 tutorial books, all in Chinese, have been published which offer an in-depth step-by-step description of more than 100 practical examples covering the usage of the complete CST STUDIO SUITE product lines.




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