NuoDB: Distributed SQL Database

Scalable – Resilient – Fast –Secure

NuoDB enables enterprise-grade applications to run in any cloud, delivering continuous availability and dynamic scale out/in based on usage demands so that you only pay for what you use.

Distributed SQL for Your Applications

SQL designed to support your applications, wherever you deploy them.

The world is moving to distributed applications and architectures, and your database should too. Learn how you can deploy where you want, when you want, and how you want with a distributed SQL database.

With distributed SQL, you gain:

  1. Scalability
    Migrate existing SQL applications to a distributed, multi-node architecture that can dynamically scale out and in. Our Transaction Engines (TEs) and Storage Managers (SMs) work together to ensure ACID compliance across multiple nodes.
  2. Availability
    Deploy in a distributed architecture. When you deploy your database with multiple nodes, the loss of one or multiple nodes will not result in the loss of database access. 
  3. Flexibility
    Deploy TEs and SMs to meet your variable workload needs, or deploy in the different environments the teams in your organization uses: in private and public clouds, in hybrid environments, and across clouds.

Now you can:

  1. Build new and transition existing mission-critical SQL applications 
  2. Scale out on demand to meet the needs of high-frequency OLTP workloads
  3. Deploy in private and public clouds, in hybrid environments, and across multiple clouds
  4. Deploy modern architectures that enable compliance with evolving regulations

The NuoDB Solution