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DELMIA - DPM Machining 2 configuration (PP2)

P2 Configuration

Configuration overview

DELMIA DPM Machining is a complete, integrated solution for addressing the machining process planning lifecycle. DPM Machining seamlessly integrates product engineering and process planning in a collaborative engineering environment enabling process designing, planning, verifying, managing, and documenting the machining processes.

DELMIA - DPM Machining 2 configuration (PP2) Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA - Object Manager 2   DOM  
DELMIA - Generative Drafting MG1    
DELMIA - DPM Process & Resource Definition   PRP  
DELMIA - 3D Functional Tolerancing & Annotation   MFT  
DELMIA - DPM Machining Process Planner   PTP  
DELMIA NC Manufacturing Review 2   MNC  
Prismatic Machining 2   MPM  
Lathe Machining 2   MLM  
DELMIA - D5 Integration   D5I  
DELMIA - 3D Simulation for Manufacturing   DMR