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DELMIA DPM Body In White XT 2 (BX2)

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Configuration overview

DELMIA DPM Body In White XT provides a scalable, collaborative, end-to-end capable resource-centric solution for the process planning domain that allows engineers to plan body assembly processes, manage fasteners, perform resource planning, select resources, modify resources with CAD tools, complete assembly sequence and robot feasibility studies, and validate the process plan using an interactive 3D environment.

DELMIA DPM Body In White XT 2 (BX2) Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA - PPR Editor 2   PRR  
DELMIA - Resource Layout   MRL  
DELMIA - Manufacturing System Definition   MSD  
DELMIA - Object Manager 2   DOM  
DELMIA - Generative Drafting MG1    
DELMIA - Interactive Drafting MID    
DELMIA - Workcell Sequencing   WSQ  
DELMIA DPM Assembly Process Simulation   APS  
DELMIA - Wireframe & Surface 1 MWS    
DELMIA - DPM Process & Resource Definition   PRP  
DELMIA - Device Task Definition   WSU  
DELMIA - Device Building   DBG  
DELMIA - DMU Space Analysis   MSA  
DELMIA - DPM Fastening Process Planner   BWP  
DELMIA - Assembly Design MAS    
DELMIA - Part Design MPD    
DELMIA - Real Time Rendering MRT    
DELMIA - Standard Robot Library   SRL  
DELMIA - DPM Tool Selection Assistant   TSA  
DELMIA - D5 Integration   D5I  
DELMIA - 3D Simulation for Manufacturing   DMR