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DELMIA - DPM Structure 2 configuration (DS2)

P2 Configuration

Configuration overview

DELMIA DPM Structure is a powerful solution for process planning and lofting in the 3D environment. DELMIA DPM Structure takes the MBOM output from DELMIA Assembly Process Planner as its input and allows the user to complete the lofting job starting from automatic generation of lofting processes, creation of manufacturing features, creation of In Process Models, and automated generation of workshop documents. Manufacturing data is then stored in the DELMIA Manufacturing Hub to allow concurrent engineering and downstream re-use of the data.

DELMIA - DPM Structure 2 configuration (DS2) Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA - Object Manager 2   DOM  
DELMIA - Generative Drafting MG1    
DELMIA - Interactive Drafting MID    
DELMIA - DPM Structure Lofting   DST  
DELMIA - Wireframe & Surface 1 MWS    
DELMIA - DPM Process & Resource Definition   PRP  
DELMIA - DMU Navigator   MNV  
DELMIA - D5 Integration   D5I  
DELMIA - Product Knowledge Template MK1