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Science in the Age of Experience

Imagine the impossible and innovate the invisible

Science improves our lives and the world. But as scientific research expands and becomes more sophisticated, innovation become more challenging. Digital technology is helping scientists to decipher the complex and drive discovery.


Science is a Journey

Science video cover - science is a journey

Science offers us the tantalizing prospect of evolving our own targeted, optimal adaptive solutions, just like nature—but with unprecedented speed and efficiency. How? With sophisticated digital technology that is expanding the frontiers of medicine, research, materials science, and sustainability to drive value and innovation. This is Science in the Age of Experience. New digital tools and techniques turning increasingly complex data into useful applications, to usher in a new age of scientific and business innovation.

Monica Menghini — Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Dassault Systèmes

Science in the Age of Experience

Science is now moving to the center of social and corporate innovation

Sophisticated technology is liberating scientific curiosity and creativity to expand the frontiers of medicine, research, materials science and sustainability. Once hidden worlds are now available to a wider set of minds, ushering in a new age of scientific and business innovation to drive value.

Winning customers in the era of powerful experiences

Raoul Dassault Systemes

Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, companies can better understand how to capture, use and re-use natural resources with maximum efficiency and minimum cost and environmental impact.

reza sadeghi Biovia

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables science-based organizations to connect products, therapies, and virtual and physical experiences, transforming innovation through a digital enterprise environment.

scott berkey Simulia

Multiphysics discovery enables scientists, engineers and designers to virtually combine elements from multiple physical domains - structures, fluids, magnetic fields, optics and more, just like in the real world. This synthesis simplifies the discovery process from ideation through to product development, validation, engineering and production.

reza sadeghi Biovia

Automation and digital design technologies, from nano- to macro-scale, bring together multiphysics and multidimensions with intelligence to create materials, processes and products that were not imaginable before. These new materials and structures can mimic nature to sustainably impact the environment and our lives.

nano medecine science age of experience


Nano engineering delivers treatments to spaces too small for a standard molecule

automated to smart science age of experience


From automated to smart - transforming lifes sciences data into actionable knowledge