Robotics Programmers

Robotics Programmers

Performing reachability studies, interlock analysis, and offline robot teaching to deliver optimized robotics programs to the shop floor

DELMIA Robotics Offline Programming

Import and Export Version 6 Production Robot Programs

DELMIA Robotics Offline Programming (ROP) extends the Version 6 robotics offering by enabling the import and export of production robot programs. For robotic applications that require the highest degree of accuracy in their robot trajectories, ROP provides advanced workcell calibration capabilities that improve the accuracy of the translated program. Advanced robotics applications, such as the use of workpiece positioner axis and fixed tool center point devices, are supported in this comprehensive robotic offline programming solution.

  • Delivery of validated and optimized robotic programs to the shop floor
  • Native Robot Language Teach Experience
  • Simplified robot translator customization
  • 3D virtual workcell alignment with the physical workcell
  • VB.Net robot program translators
    ROP takes advantage of the popular VB.Net format for the import-export of robot native language programs. This allows customers and third-party value-added partners to easily develop new or extend our delivered robot translators to fit custom requirements.
  • Import and export production-ready robot programs
    ROP provides VB.Net downloaders and uploaders that allow customers to import-export their production robot programs. Customers can therefore create production robot programs offline using Version 6 simulations while keeping their online system in production generating revenue. DELMIA provides translators for: Fanuc RJ/TPE; Motoman; Nachi; Kawasaki ; Panasonic; Daihen; ABB RAPID S4C/S4C+; C5; and Kuka.
  • Native Robot Language Teach Experience
    ROP offers the user the ability to program their simulations using the robots native controller language. This unique capability offers the users a highly productive simulation development environment whereby the user can develop and simulate robot production programs using the robot controllers native programming language. Then, the user can integrate these robot programs into a larger, multi mechanism, station level, simulation with full validation and offline programming capabilities.
  • Calibrate the simulation environment for accurate program generation
    ROP provides calibration tools that allow customers to create robot production programs that accurately reflect the physical characteristics of the shop floor layout. These tools allow the user to accurately position the workpiece in the Version 6 3D environment based on the real (physical) measurements on the shop floor.