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Manufacturing Planners

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DELMIA Custom Time Analysis

Leverage proprietary time analysis data

Over time, many companies have developed detailed data for time studies based on their proprietary methods for assembly tasks. DELMIA Custom Time Analysis (CTA) supports these companies by giving them a way to define custom time-analysis data cards based on this data for use in their Version 6 time analysis studies. This allows companies to capture proprietary time analysis data for the processes executed by their workers. They can then use this data to create custom codes and time values that will be utilized when performing time analysis studies with DELMIA Process Planning (PRP).

  • Time analysis based on company standards
  • Reduced time and effort to create time studies
  • Improved organization of customized time-study data
  • Editor for authoring customized data cards
    Engineers have enterprise knowledge of how long their processes take. CTA lets them capture this knowledge and use it to create customized data cards, including user-defined codes and time values, following company standards. These data cards can be grouped for organizational efficiency and used during Standard Time Management (STM) analysis using DELMIA Process Planning.
  • Graphical preview of customized data cards
    CTA provides an easy-to-use breakthrough interface that enables new users to quickly find the data they need. Additionally, the UI helps users to become proficient with CTA in a short time.
  • Data card management by grouping
    Users of DELMIA Process Planning and CTA can group the data cards under various subsystems and set their order of appearance for quick access using graphical preview capabilities.