Ergonomics Specialists

Ergonomics Specialists

Assessing the working conditions, ensuring compliance, and verifying assembly across multiple platforms

DELMIA Ergonomics for Vehicle Design

Understand the ergonomics impact of vehicle design with virtual 3D manikins

The DELMIA Ergonomics for Vehicle Design (EVD) solution lets designers identify driver and passenger ergonomics issues early in the design process to avoid costly, time-consuming changes down the road.

  • Effectively predict occupant posture with virtual 3D manikins
  • Cut costs and avoid design errors by spotting occupancy issues early
  • Reuse and share the posture of the manikins across design disciplines
  • Precise automatic positioning of drivers and passengers
    EVD applies the Cascade algorithm from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) to let designers use first primitives of the steering wheel, floor panel and pedals to automatically position humans in the car.
  • Automatic SAE standards compliance
    The Vehicle interior dimensions are automatically compliant with SAE standards 1516/1517 or 4002/4004.
  • Posture prediction based on precise anthropometry
    Designers can define the vehicle interior dimensions, select an anthropometrically correct manikin based on a specified population, and create a posture prediction based on the Cascade algorithm using those inputs.
  • Enterprise-accessible reporting
    Results from a posture-prediction can be made accessible to other corporate stakeholders.
  • Seat and steering wheel parameter adjustment capability
    This product includes tools that make it easy to adjust the height and position of seats as well as the steering wheel for an immediate view of the impact on posture prediction.