CATIA V5-6R으로 보다 우수한 설계 실현

이 릴리즈에서는 V5-6R과의 긴밀한 협업을 통해 3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼 기능의 이점을 활용할 수 있습니다.


3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼의 소셜 협업, 엔터프라이즈 관리 및 대시보드 기능은 V5-6R 도구 모음을 사용하는 프로세스를 지원하는 데 사용할 수 있습니다.

User Companion for ENOVIA SMARTEAM Fundamentals (SUS)
Take full advantage of Product Lifecycle Management with ENOVIA SMARTEAM.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

This User Companion is dedicated to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with ENOVIA SMARTEAM. Itteaches the most efficient way to store project-related information and share it within an enterprise. Students will learn to either initiate or take part in a global process, distribute information throughout the extended enterprise and drive business processes throughout the product lifecycle. This User Companion is made up of three building blocks:

  1. ENOVIA SMARTEAM Fundamentals: Introduces the concept of PLM as implemented by ENOVIA SMARTEAM. It presents its terminology and covers the basic concepts of Data Management, Lifecycle and Workflow.
  2. ENOVIA SMARTEAM Editor: Dedicated to the use of ENOVIA SMARTEAM - Editor and Workflow, it teaches how to manage the lifecycle of data stored in ENOVIA SMARTEAM.
  3. ENOVIA SMARTEAM Web Editor: Teaches how to work with ENOVIA SMARTEAM - Web Editor. Students will learn how to view projects and documents, manage their lifecycle and use the various Search functions to retrieve data. Workflow is also covered in brief.

ENOVIA SMARTEAM Editor and ENOVIA SMARTEAM Web Editor are both organized around a comprehensive PLM-based master exercise, which presents ENOVIA SMARTEAM in a real-life industrial context.

Product Highlights

  • Learn ENOVIA SMARTEAM Editor and Web Editor in a simulated environment
  • A PLM-based approach with user roles in an industrial context
  • Practice on a comprehensive case-study
  • Interactive simulations to enhance the learning process
  • Search mechanism to quickly learn just one skill when needed
  • Test your knowledge
  • Leverage users from fundamentals to expert level
  • Access information upon request

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • This standard course can be enriched with your corporate know-how. Any SMARTEAM customization can be presented and explained in dedicated skillets added on top of the basic list of SMARTEAM User Companion Fundamentals skillets.
  • A keyword-based Search engine is available to enhance your skills on any given aspect of the product.