CATIA V5-6R으로 보다 우수한 설계 실현

이 릴리즈에서는 V5-6R과의 긴밀한 협업을 통해 3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼 기능의 이점을 활용할 수 있습니다.


3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼의 소셜 협업, 엔터프라이즈 관리 및 대시보드 기능은 V5-6R 도구 모음을 사용하는 프로세스를 지원하는 데 사용할 수 있습니다.

SMARTEAM - Multi-site (MUS)
To supply a rapid, safe, and easy-to-implement product data management solution, including full data sharing and collaboration, to dispersed team members in distributed organizations. To allow company users working in different physical locations to access the same database, share the same resources and files, and work on mutual projects simultaneously, maintain data integrity and maintain high performance.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

SMARTEAM Multi-site is an asynchronous replication solution, designed for the distributed environment that enables dispersed team members to collaborate efficiently on product data. Maintaining data integrity and high performance at all sites, SMARTEAM Multi-site allows company users working in different physical locations to access the same database, share the same resources and files, and work on mutual projects.

  • Users in different physical locations access the same database, share the same resources and files, and work on mutual projects
  • The data is identical for all: all modifications are propagated to all sites
  • Simultaneous, independent work: users continue to work at each site, regardless of the network connection between them

SMARTEAM provides two levels of multi-site collaboration:

  • the full Multi-Site solution, which enables replication of metadata (database information) and vault data
  • Multi-site Vault solution, a subset of the full Multi-site solution, which enables vault replication only and requires working with a central database for managing SMARTEAM metadata.

Product Highlights

  • Full data sharing and collaboration among dispersed company locations and distributed team members
  • A unique, distributed and asynchronous replication solution for reduced network traffic over the WAN
  • Asynchronous replication and synchronization of data deltas to increase site independence
  • Local availability of data originated in remote locations for quicker turn-around time and overall performance; supports replication of files stored in Vault directories across sites, for faster and easier access to file repository on all locations
  • Reliable mechanism for up-to-date maintenance of data integrity
  • Built-in security measures for file replication, and full support of organizational security measures for database synchronization
  • Sharing the benefits of ENOVIA SMARTEAM across the entire organization
  • Built-in rules to avoid and resolve conflicts

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Short implementation cycle
  • Environment that is transparent to ENOVIA SMARTEAM users
  • Reliable, up-to-date data
  • Increased enterprise productivity, through global work environment with local feel and identical data at all sites
  • Ability of users to work independently and continuously at each site regardless of the network connection between sites for quicker turnaround time
  • Local availability of data on LAN increases overall throughput
  • Increased end-user productivity, due to transparent environment
  • Reduced network bottlenecks, due to traffic-reducing replication approach
  • Reduced network maintenance increases ROI

Existing WAN-based synchronous replication solutions, which require having all sites online at all times, have proven extremely inefficient: System intervention is commonly required for user authentication, maintaining site security, and data encryption; Bandwidths are not large enough to cope with the large volumes of data transfer, resulting in costly slowing of the product lifecycle; and most importantly, a single WAN connection failure at one site paralyzes all other sites in the network.

SMARTEAM Multi-site overcomes all these challenges, providing immediate ROI and dramatically speeding time-to-market. SMARTEAM Multi-site leverages Oracle replication and synchronization capabilities to enable work on the same database from different physical locations, without the need to maintain a steady, open connection between them. The database from the original site is copied to each of the sites where the data is to be shared. Periodic synchronization of the databases ensures all of them are identical, thus maintaining data integrity.

SMARTEAM Multi-site supports replication and synchronization of files that are stored in vaults. When replication takes place, files are encrypted and compressed automatically, and are decompressed when reaching their destination, reducing traffic over the WAN to speed up productivity and design time, and providing local access to files originated in remote locations.