CATIA V5-6R으로 보다 우수한 설계 실현

이 릴리즈에서는 V5-6R과의 긴밀한 협업을 통해 3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼 기능의 이점을 활용할 수 있습니다.


3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼의 소셜 협업, 엔터프라이즈 관리 및 대시보드 기능은 V5-6R 도구 모음을 사용하는 프로세스를 지원하는 데 사용할 수 있습니다.

CATIA - Developed Shapes 1 (DL1)
Allow to quickly and easily unfold any type of free form surfaces and develop curve on a revolution surface.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA - Developed Shapes 1 (DL1) quickly and easily unfolds ruled and non-ruled surfaces and develops curves on revolution surfaces. Design engineers, both non-surface specialists and advanced-shape designers, can define an associative flattened pattern from their 3D models for manufacturing from flat sheets of raw materials. Developed Shapes 1 features an intuitive cross-platform user interface foster productivity, ease of use, and low training costs.

Product Highlights

  • Quickly Flatten ruled and non-ruled surfaces
  • Transfers surfaces from a revolution shape to a plane one and conversely
  • Native associativity with other CATIA V5 mechanical shape design workbenches
  • Easy-to-use tool to manage key industrial processes

Product Key Customer Benefits

Unfolding ruled and non-ruled surface... If you need, for instance to design noses, cells and central section of a plane or for textile companies to design folded parts of an handbag, CATIA - Developed Shapes 1 (DL1) is a very useful tool. It allows to flatten ruled and non-ruled surfaces such as cylinders, continuous point blend, and sweep segment. The user is then able to verify the mathematical surface of a shape. Once the surface is flat, it is easier to manage bulk calculations, raw materials' costs calculation, manufacturability calculation. When dealing with sheet manufacturing processes, design engineers must develop their 3D model as a flattened layout. DL1 provides you with interactive tools to create flattened ruled surfaces 3D CATIA models. The system transfers points, lines, curves, and face elements between a 3D surface and its flattened shape.

Develop... This function allows the user to transfer curves between revolution surfaces and plane surfaces. This capability will be of particular interest to manufacturers whose products use revolution forms

Completing process coverage... Developed Shapes 1 takes advantage of the native associativity with other CATIA V5 mechanical shape design workbenches, such as CATIA - Wireframe & Surface 1 (WS1) and CATIA - Generative Shape Design 1 (GS1) to manipulate, flatten, and modify surfaces very quickly.

Making users more productive... An intuitive, industry-oriented user interface promotes ease of use and short training cycles. Its icon-based flexible and scalable approach make it suitable for various skill levels, from beginners and casual users, who favor mouse-driven pull-down menus, to advanced users, who want to use contextual menus and keyboard shortcuts. The user interface includes fast, mouse-based 3D graphical manipulations and a copilot concept for contextual pre-selection of allowed graphical entities. It also includes a contextual HTML documentation browser.