CATIA V5-6R으로 보다 우수한 설계 실현

이 릴리즈에서는 V5-6R과의 긴밀한 협업을 통해 3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼 기능의 이점을 활용할 수 있습니다.


3DEXPERIENCE 플랫폼의 소셜 협업, 엔터프라이즈 관리 및 대시보드 기능은 V5-6R 도구 모음을 사용하는 프로세스를 지원하는 데 사용할 수 있습니다.

CATIA - Circuit Board Design 1 (CBD)
Create Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in context with mechanical assemblies and provide bi-directional interface with electrical CAD systems.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA -Circuit Board Design 1(CBD) enables the user to design circuit boards in the context of the overall mechanical design. Through the bidirectional interface (Intermediate Data Format (IDF)) with industry standard electrical CAD systems, the user can retrieve the design of its electronic components to create a complete digital mock-up of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). This enables him to analyze if the design of the PCB fits inside its mechanical environment. The interface also enables the user to send pertinent information, such as board outlines and keep out areas of spatial and technological constraints, back to the electrical CAD system.

Product Highlights

  • Easy creation of mechanical shapes of printed circuit boards in the context of the mechanical assembly.
  • Bi-directional interface with electrical CAD Systems based on industry standard interface (IDF) format.
  • Creation and management of electronic components catalogs.
  • Intelligent placement of components like connectors coming from catalog, constraint to its mechanical environment

Product Key Customer Benefits

CATIA Circuit Board Design 1 (CBD) is a new-generation CATIA product designed to interface CATIA Version 5 with external electrical CAD systems. With this product, circuit board assemblies can be designed in the context of the mechanical design, and pertinent information, such as spatial and technological constraints, can be sent to an ECAD system. Conversely, CATIA Circuit Board Design 1 can import an electronic assembly from an ECAD system, for analysis of the design in the context of the full digital product definition. Exchanges with the ECAD system through a neutral IDF0 format facilitate connecting to multiple ECAD systems, protecting existing ECAD investments. Since CATIA - Circuit Board Design 1 (CBD) is an integrated product in the CATIA Version 5 portfolio, users can fully integrate the electronic aspects of projects within the digital product creation process.

Importing IDF files... Files can be imported from Intermediate Data Format 2.0/3.0 (IDF). ECAD circuit board assemblies can be imported and inserted within the full CATIA digital product definition. A CATIA product definition (assembly) is automatically defined, including its geometric components, product structure and associated electronic information (status of components, etc.). Circuit board assemblies can be replaced in context, keeping assembly constraints, which are reconnected automatically. Therefore, circuit board design assembly can be updated to reflect ECAD modifications, while keeping full associativity and constraints. It is possible to replace a component with an IDF file. When CATIA Assembly Design 2 is installed, the mechanical assembly contacts are also generated.

Exporting IDF files... Information concerning board outline, mechanical constraint areas, cutouts and drilled holes, and mechanical and electronic part placement can be exported in the IDF 2.0 / 3.O format.

Management of mechanical and electrical connectors positioning... Users can edit an external CSV file, providing a positioning matrix between mechanical connectors and electrical connectors

Circuit board geometry... Circuit board geometry is designed within the global assembly product definition, taking into account the mechanical context.

Catalogs... CATIA - Circuit Board Design 1 (CBD) offers all standard catalog capabilities provided by CATIA Object Manager. This allows storage and classification of all components according to chosen keywords, as well as the ability to find and edit components. CATIA - Circuit Board Design 1 (CBD) also facilitates navigation through chapters, as well as query and preview components. Catalog components can then be inserted directly into assemblies through a simple drag and drop. Multiple representations associated with electronic components are handled through the catalog.

Report file management... A report in text format is generated automatically and linked to the import process. CATIA - Circuit Board Design 1 (CBD) issues alerts for import failures related to design errors and violations of IDF Standard rules.

Analyzing circuit board definitions...To complete and validate the design, Circuit Board definitions can be analyzed using interference checks in the context of the full Digital Mockup.

High performance at import process... Through the ability to specify the content of the import, you manage what you want to import.