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Bodie Technology Inc. specializes in software Kornucopia®, customized training, and consulting services focused on solving complex problems in the field of nonlinear mechanics, especially those involving problematic or noisy datasets. Our technology makes all sorts of calculations and data analysis accurate, fast and accessible by more people.

Simultaneously work with:

  • Experimental data from a broad range of sources
  • Simulation results from FE tools such as Abaqus and others
  • Analytical and pseudo-analytical calculations
  • Analysis algorithms from simple to highly complex

Utilize powerful, yet easy-to-use, numerical methods and DSP (filtering, FFT, SRS, PVSS, ...) that:

  • Significantly improves interpretation and value for experimental data and simulation results
  • Greatly reduces data analysis time
Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value proposition

Kornucopia® Software is a powerful toolbox that provides easy-to-use functions and templates designed to quickly and accurately manipulate and analyze all kinds of data from FEA simulations and experimental measurements. These tools are especially helpful to those using Abaqus/Explicit.

  • Kornucopia® contains over 100 functions covering features ranging from trimming and tweaking realistic data curves, to computing an average curve from multiple data curves, to user-friendly DSP functions for doing Fourier analysis, filtering, decimation, smoothing, Shock Response Calculations, etc.
  • Kornucopia® is designed to be used by a broad cross-section of engineers across various disciplines of engineering and science.  Typical users are Experimentalists, Finite Element analysts, researchers and design engineers.
  • Kornucopia® works with Mathcad and MATLAB® (MATLAB version coming in 2014).

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