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Cray combines computation and creativity so visionaries in science, technology, and entrepreneurship can engineer the unprecedented.  A global leader in high-performance computing with more than 45 years of experience, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of the world’s most advanced supercomputers, high-performance storage, data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions delivering unrivaled performance, efficiency and scalability.  For those who keep asking what if, why not and what’s next, Cray’s supercomputing technology powers their demand for realized performance by combining diverse processing technologies and software expertise into a unified architecture. Go to for more information.

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Cray® XC™ series supercomputers turn boundaries into guideposts. Guideposts that lead you from one question to the next to the next. XC systems remove barriers to discovery because they’re designed for it. With an architecture and software environment that delivers extreme scalability and sustained performance, XC supercomputers can handle the most challenging simulation, analytics and AI workloads.
- Programming productivity and performance
- Maximizing uptime with system management
- Analytics and AI at the speed of supercomputing

Cray HPC cluster systems feature the latest in processing, networking and cooling technologies, are highly customizable, and are expressly designed to handle the most demanding range of science, research, simulation, analytics and machine learning uses.

All CS components have been carefully selected for highest performance, optimized and integrated to create a powerful computing environment. Flexible node configurations featuring the latest processor and interconnect technologies mean you can tailor a cluster system to your specific needs — from an all-purpose HPC cluster to an accelerated system optimized to tackle AI training and inference workloads.

As a leader in open systems and parallel file systems, and co-founder and benefactor of OpenSFS, Cray builds on community-driven Lustre® to unlock the performance of popular x86 Linux® compute clusters and supercomputers using Cray’s proven HPC storage system architectures.

Now you can get the power of Cray supercomputing and storage with the ease of the cloud. Our supercomputing-as-a-service solutions let you speed your time to insight without the need to maintain your own datacenter.

Eliminate the complexity associated with artificial intelligence infrastructure — which can be difficult to set up, administer and use — with the Urika®-CS AI and Analytics suite for Cray CS series systems. It addresses the entire AI workflow from data generation and preparation to model development and implementation. The Urika-CS suite is a fully supported collection of AI tools and frameworks, tested and integrated for CS series systems including CS500 and CS-Storm. Designed with IT administrators and data scientists in mind, Urika-CS software helps organizations make the promise of AI a reality.

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Cray Reduced Analysis Turnaround Time with SIMULIA's Abaqus FEA Software


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