Unified Live Collaboration

Unified Live Collaboration

The Unified Live Collaboration domain allows companies to deploy product lifecycle processes across the extended enterprise by providing a single view of IP across all business process domains, powerful collaborative process management capabilities, and an SOA that integrates with other enterprise systems. The domain contains the following sub-processes: Data Warehouse Indexing and Search, Business Process Management and Execution, IP Asset Federation, and I-PLM Studio Collaboration.

ENOVIA Multi-Discipline Exchange for X-PDM

ENOVIA Multi-Discipline Exchange for X-PDM enables bi-directional data exchange ENOVIA VPM Central and a non-DS PDM system.

ENOVIA Multi-Discipline Exchange for X-PDM relies on the V6 Event Bus architecture delivered by ENOVIA Live Collaboration (CPF) to empower the bi-directional exchange of un-configured design product structure with its associated 3D exact geometry. The exact geometry is exchanged using either the V5 CATPart or STEP Part21 as the intermediate format depending on available xCAD conversion tools. Ideally, the non-DS CAD data should be converted into the V5 CATPart format to ensure a seamless migration with advanced design capabilities in V6.

  • Main Benefits Include:
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
  • Global product definition can be consolidated with ENOVIA VPM Central with design data is coming from other enterprise systems.
  • ENOVIA VPM Central enables program managers to consolidate and organize the digital mockup made with data authored in V6 and in others PDM systems.
  • Downstream MANUFACTURING processes can be fed with design data managed in ENOVIA VPM Central