ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase

ENOVIA® X-BOM for Rational ClearCase provides access to software engineering content from ENOVIA while still allowing software developers to use Rational ClearCase for source code control and build management.

For products in many industries, software constitutes much of the value delivered to the customer. While the visual or mechanical appearance of a product is always important, product differentiation is achieved often by how well the software systems perform. However, unless the mechanical, electrical, and software designs of a product work together as one harmonious system, the product is likely to miss its market goals. Companies require systems that coordinate the software engineering effort with other design disciplines, while still allowing the software engineers to work with their specialized tools.

To address this challenge, ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase provides access to software engineering content from ENOVIA while still allowing software developers to use Rational ClearCase for source code control and build management. By managing software content in the context of the Engineering Bill-of-Materials (EBOMs) alongside mechanical and electrical content, cross-functional communication dramatically improves. Designers from one engineering discipline easily can assess whether proposed changes may impact parts and designs from other engineering disciplines.

  • Reduce the risk of missed product launches and costly rework by including software engineering within the broader multi-discipline product development process
  • Securely distribute Rational ClearCase software builds and documentation to the supply chain and manufacturing with ENOVIA products
  • Define and validate embedded software parts with design documentation managed in Rational ClearCase
  • Understand potential cross-functional design impact when proposing a change to a mechanical, electrical, or software part
  • Search for Rational ClearCase Files and Builds from ENOVIA
    ENOVIA users can search Rational ClearCase directly from the ENOVIA user interface. Search within a specific Rational ClearCase View and VOB for navigating to specific folders, and filter results easily with name matching. Search Rational ClearCase with a label in order to copy matching files as a single software build and then associate to parts that represent embedded software.
  • Associate Rational ClearCase Files as Design Documentation
    ENOVIA® Engineering Central™ manages the creation of the cross-functional BOM. During this business process, users must create specifications and reference documents to define a part fully. If the product has software content, it is quite likely that this documentation originates in Rational ClearCase. If so, use ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase to associate this documentation to the relevant part business object for use in the broader product development business process. The mapping process supports the complex file version branching of Rational ClearCase and business object revision chains of ENOVIA® Engineering Central™. A single part business object may reference multiple file versions from Rational ClearCase. In addition, ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase comes with pre-defined ENOVIA business object types for configuring to customer-specific use cases.
  • Synchronize to the Latest Rational ClearCase File Versions
    Over time, newer Rational ClearCase file versions will be created after the file is first mapped to a business object in the ENOVIA system. ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase allows a user to easily see if newer versions exist and then selectively updates the business object with only the newer versions that are important to the ENOVIA user community. In addition, ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase supports dynamic views so that users can see the latest versions, branches, and attribute data for software artifacts that need to be mapped to the EBOM.
  • Distribute and Track Rational ClearCase Files beyond Software Engineering
    Once a Rational ClearCase file has been associated to an ENOVIA business object, it becomes much easier to distribute that file to people outside the software engineering function. The ENOVIA products provide an intuitive user interface via a Web browser, which eliminates the need to learn the more complex Rational ClearCase tool to get access to software files. In addition, the ENOVIA system easily scales to tens of thousands of named users across the wide-area network both inside and outside the firewall. The optional ENOVIA® File Collaboration Servers can be used to manage the files for quicker downloads by remote users, while still guaranteeing up to date in formation. A role-based security model controls all access to the software files mapped to ENOVIA. A history log records all file downloads for future audits.
  • Cross-functionally Review and Collaborate on the Rational ClearCase Files
    All Rational ClearCase files mapped to ENOVIA business objects can take advantage of the robust collaboration services available in ENOVIA® Live Collaboration. Examples include cross-functional approval routes, business process workflows, discussion threads, issue identification and resolution, and “where-used” navigation to determine easily how the Rational ClearCase file is referenced outside of software engineering. When used with ENOVIA Engineering Central, users can initiate proposed software changes before execution in the Rational Clear Case system.
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA X-BOM for Rational ClearCase supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values: global collaborative innovation, single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management, online creation and collaboration, ready to use PLM business processes, and lower cost of ownership.