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Phone : (043)0384245106600
Web : http://www.4a.co.at/

Company Description

4a engineering GmbH is a technically oriented Research and Development company with a focus on plastics engineering and materials science. The core competence of 4a engineering GmbH resides in concept finding and optimization of product ideas based on the profound understanding and interpreting of physical and mechanical processes. 4a engineering GmbH works with a wide range of partially specially developed simulation software and analyzing methods.

In physics we trust!

Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

4a engineering GmbH offers a material modeling software solution including:

4a micromec - the virtual composite design, predicting thermoelastic composite properties
4a fibermap – mapping the fiber orientation from injection molding to structural analysis
4a impetus – generation and validation of material cards for Abaqus 

4a impetus builds up an efficient and reliable process, using realistic testing methods and processing validated material cards. Recent developments of new test methods for 4a impetus satisfy the needs of complex material models as well as the expectations with regard to simple and favorable testing.

The whole process to determine validated material cards is included in one software solution, starting with testing up to a speed of 10 m/s. The intuitive user interface is divided into four main areas symbolizing the experimental sequence. Automatically finite element models are build-up by using the underlying test database. The whole information from testing is transferred into finite element model and compared with the simulation results. In the area optimization the material card is determined by reverse engineering.

Behind these material cards lies a set of predefined parameterized master material cards, used as starting point. One of the main focuses is the generation of strainrate dependent material cards used in impact and crashworthiness simulations.

As final result 4a impetus is able to deliver a validated material card for Abaqus.

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