ENOVIA solutions for all users to search and review data, to participate in approval processes and to collaborate with other users.

ENOVIA Live Connect

ENOVIA Live Connect (ELC) provides a cost-effective solution for a large volume of users that only need the ability to Search/View items.

ENOVIA Live Connect (ELC) provides certain users, who do not require the full product capabilities of CPF or the other Central applications, with a subset of the CPF capabilities. These users are typically not involved in the day-to-day product definition and release process, but do require access to the key product deliverables that are being produced.

It is vital to the needs of our customers to provide a full line of products to meet all of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) needs. Many of the users in our current customers produce content by actively participating in business processes, while others only consume this information for their job functions. ENOVIA Live Connect provides a starting point for those users who are consumers, and who later may migrate to a more active role using ENOVIA Live Collaboration or other Central product.

ENOVIA Live Connect provides read access to most product data. Users may search or navigate to the information they need, and then download or view files associated with this information.

As more products are deployed, the types of deliverables that are available to an ENOVIA Live Connect user may increase. ENOVIA Live Connect capabilities include:


- Read and Search access to parts and documents as well as requirements and product line data, including product lines, models, products and product configurations, with both logical and technical features.

- Download access to files managed by these business types including 3D viewing using ENOVIA® 3DLive™ Examine.

  • Deploy PLM solutions to solve immediate business problems, and quickly scale to support large global deployments
  • Collaborate with external partners, suppliers, and developers as early as possible in the development process
  • Leverage the best practices developed in partnership with some of the world’s most innovative companies while retaining your competitive advantage and adaptability
  • Realize powerful business benefits through global collaboration
  • ENOVIA Live Connect Global Toolbar Menus and Commands
    The ENOVIA Live Connect user interface provides users with the same ENOVIA user experience as ENOVIA Live Collaboration, but with a significant reduction in menus and commands. The main ENOVIA Global toolbar is fixed regardless of how many Centrals are deployed: • My ENOVIA menu just includes “Collections” • My Tools includes the commands “Preferences”, “Edit Profile”, “Change Password” and “About”. • Preferences are simplified and focused on a subset of general preferences. The behavior of the preferences is the same for all users. • The standard back and forward buttons are included along with logoff. • The Home Button and the search related controls are also included. • The search menu is limited to General Search and Saved Searches. The search types, discussed later, will take into account the list of search types available to an ENOVIA Live Connect user.
  • Collections
    The collections functionality allows ENOVIA Live Connect users to add items to the Clipboard collection or other personalized collections.
  • General Search
    The general search form is consistent with the one presented for the ENOVIA Live Collaboration user, except that the type list presented to the user is limited to those specifically enabled for ENOVIA Live Connect. The search types includes DOCUMENTS, which is the top level abstract type with all subtypes of Model, Part and its subtypes, and Products and its subtypes and Requirement. As a result of the limited types, the policy and state lists are also reduced to reflect the possible values based on the searchable types. The search results are consistent with the standard capability in that the user can navigate to an object, view its files, and add items to a collection. However, Delete, Trigger Validation, Mass Promote and Demote are not available to an ENOVIA Live Collaboration user as these are process related functions would provide a write operation.
  • Structure Browser (SB) Toolbars
    A number of SB toolbar commands have been removed for an ENOVIA Live Connect user, regardless of the specific table implementation and whether it enables these functions. The following SB toolbar functions are generally enabled unless turned off by the table implementation: • Launch, Expand All, Expand n levels, Add to collections, view, filter, export, printer friendly, page url, sort, row grouping, chart options, table Math functions, help The following SB toolbar functions are removed for an ENOVIA Live Connect user even if these are enabled by the table implementation: • Mass promote/demote, trigger validation, edit, object compare
  • BPS Image Component
    The BPS Image component which is distributed, but not necessarily implemented by many business types by default, is also enabled for ENOVIA Live Connect when configured for a given object type. The command name is “APPImageManager” and may be configured for any tree category by the customer. When such command is configured, the ENOVIA Live Connect user will also be able to see this command in the tree category and access the images associated with the object.
  • ENOVIA® 3DLive™ Examine Viewer
    3D Live Examine is available to the ELC user for viewing 3D files. The primary interface for viewing these files will be by using the EBOM view available to the ELC user. It may also be used from the Part “Properties” page when accessed via search, or otherwise when navigating to a Part via hyperlinks.
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA Live Connect supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values, which are: • Global collaboration innovation • Single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management • Online creation and collaboration • Ready to use PLM business processes • Lower cost of ownership.