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ENOVIA Format Converter for Parasolid

ENOVIA® Format Converter for PARASOLID

ENOVIA Format Converter for PARASOLID enables V6 users to reuse or migrate in ENOVIA®VPM Central™ PARASOLID Application data. Users can import PARASOLID exact geometry as a Tessellated V6 representation and leverage it in downstream V6 processes, such as design review, digital mockup review, design in context, and manufacturing. Users can also migrate PARASOLID exact geometry into a V6 exact geometry representation, thus allowing user to fully pursue the design with V6 authoring applications.

The file system includes engineering semantics for part and product definitions described in the PARASOLID files format.


The V6 VPM command “PLM access import from file” enables the user to select a PARASOLID root assembly file to be imported to ENOVIA and transformed into a V6 representation. ENOVIA will query the converter in order, from the root file to compute the links and import to ENOVIA all related files.


Receiving these PARASOLID files, ENOVIA will synchronously or asynchronously launch the format converter for PARASOLID in order to compute a V6 representation of these PARASOLID files.


The conversion from PARASOLID to a V6 representation will be “as new. The V6 representation will be stored in ENOVIA as the new master data of the part and product. No link will be kept with the original PARASOLID file and there are no lifecycle capabilities.



The ENOVIA Format Converter for PARASOLID will:


- Explore the document links from a root PARASOLID file.

- Convert the PARASOLID product structure information (Instance, references, position) into V6

- Convert the PARASOLID exact geometry representations into V6 Exact Geometry representation.

- Under option, convert the PARASOLID exact geometry representations into V6 tessellated geometry representation.


Input: PARASOLID files



The contents are imported as new references in ENOVIA V6