IP Lifecycle Management

IP Lifecycle Management

The IP Lifecycle domain eliminates costly product development errors by enabling improved cross-functional product design, manufacturing planning and performance simulation. Within the IP Lifecycle domain are the following sub-processes: IP Work-in-Progress, IP Asset Release, and IP Classification and Re-Use.

ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Creative Suite

ENOVIA® Collaboration for Adobe Creative Suite creates and accesses ENOVIA-managed data directly from within the native Adobe interface.

In most organizations, creative and technical design teams are driven constantly by strict deadlines causing a reluctance to adapt to new technologies and business processes. This is especially true if the new approach takes them away from their established comfort level and the tools they are familiar with.

ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Creative Suite enables design teams to manage product content in the ENOVIA environment much earlier in the development process. Design teams can collaborate much more effectively and in parallel with the development processes instead of after design completion. ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Creative Suite also minimizes end-user training and supports the rapid adoption of the ENOVIA® Apparel Accelerator™ for Design & Development.

  • Simplify access to product and component artwork using the native Adobe interface
  • Improve collaboration between design teams by sharing the same data
  • Apply enterprise-level data sharing and security without disrupting established end-user work procedures
  • Increase overall end user efficiency and productivity
  • Manage Artwork Views
    Manage data in a single file and have the system automatically generate multiple views based on pre-defined layers (e.g. clean front, back, and line drawing) or a single image for the entire file. ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Creative Suite also provides an option to save the sketch images as a product’s “Customer Choice” image.
  • Manage Color Palettes
    Users of ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Illustrator can create color palettes in Adobe Illustrator and synchronize those palettes with seasonal libraries within ENOVIA.
  • Securely Distribute Product Content
    Control access to product content based on company and/or brand level rules. All security rules implemented within ENOVIA are respected by ENOVIA® Collaboration for Adobe Illustrator to ensure that people can only view/update the information that they have access to. When saving the sketch to ENOVIA, users can indicate the lifecycle state in order to control the availability of the sketch to other users. In order to increase user adoption, ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Illustrator also supports desktop-based authentication so that the end user does not need to login to the application using a separate username and password.
  • Communicate Changes
    Users of ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Illustrator can easily create subscriptions to designs of interest and receive e-mail alerts when changes are made. As a result, users are always aware of the latest design content.
  • Promote Company Standards
    ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Illustrator enables design teams to leverage templates to create new content based on established company standards. In addition, design teams can quickly find related sketches by saving sketches to company standard workspace folders created with the ENOVIA® Live Collaboration license.
  • Technical Highlights
    • Web-based architecture • Adds ENOVIA product menus and commands to the native Adobe toolbar • Maps attributes and conventions between Adobe and ENOVIA • Generates graphic views using defined layer definitions • Data access through secure login • Document and revision management • Supports generation of derived output on the central and remote servers in PNG, JPEG, SVG, SWF and EMF formats (note that some formats are only available for specific operating systems)
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA Collaboration for Adobe Illustrator supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values: global collaborative innovation, single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management, online creation and collaboration, ready to use PLM business processes, and lower cost of ownership.