ENOVIA V5-6R2018

ENOVIA VPLM aiuta le aziende a portare sul mercato prodotti più innovativi, più velocemente, assicurando una gestione scalabile del ciclo di vita virtuale di prodotti complessi

ENOVIA V5 VPM Solutions

ENOVIA V5 VPM helps engineers optimize and validate the product definition early in the development lifecycle by leveraging real-time knowledge of the cause and effect relationships impacting product quality, cost, performance and profitability.

Domain Objective

ENOVIA V5 VPM offers a comprehensive, streamlined approach to managing the creation and maturation of the virtual product definition. With ENOVIA V5 VPM, engineers are able to extend the power of CATIA V5 knowledgeware and Relational Design to quickly optimize designs within the context of an assembly or an entire portfolio - improving performance and increasing reuse across product lines and variants. Built to incorporate industry-leading practices, globally dispersed design teams rely on ENOVIA V5 VPM to manage intense multi-discipline collaboration and decision making, producing more innovative products in less time that are optimized for both manufacturability and market acceptance.

ENOVIA V5 VPM captures and manages engineering design intent by exposing specifications, rules, operational parameters, simulation results, and manufacturing processes accelerating the understanding of how change affects associated product components and processes. This unique capability allows engineers to analyze and propagate change quickly, accurately, and completely until product performance and costs are optimized. To increase the likelihood of market success, ENOVIA V5 VPM effectively allows development organizations to front load the design and validation of all possible product configurations to deliver precisely the product the market expects - and the profit margins the company requires.

ENOVIA V5 VPM Domain Overview

ENOVIA V5 VPM is comprised of three distinct applications each targeted to a specific user community:
  • VPM Navigator is immersed within the CATIA V5 workbench providing designer access to ENOVIA V5 during the definition and maturation phases of product development.
  • VPM Product Editor is a java-based client installed on the desktop of engineering workstations to manipulate bill of material content and product configuration. Configuration experts use VPM Product Editor to create specifications, categories, and rules to control product variability.
  • VPM Lifecycle Products using a standard internet browser provide access to the ENOVIA V5 product content from anywhere the internet is available. Managers and those outside of Engineering use VPM Lifecycle Products to study the details of the product to drive product changes.

ENOVIA V5 VPM Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
ENOVIA - Engineering Change Management Web   CGM  
ENOVIA - Document Management Web   DCM  
ENOVIA - Document Management   DMT  
ENOVIA - Enterprise Process Definition Web   EPD  
ENOVIA - Enterprise Process Management Web   EPM  
ENOVIA - VPM Lifecycle Navigator Web   LCN  
ENOVIA - Program Management   PGT  
ENOVIA - PPR HUB Gateway   PGW  
ENOVIA - People, Organization & Security Web   POC  
ENOVIA - People, Organization & Security   POS  
ENOVIA - Product Variant Management   PVM  
ENOVIA - System & Data Administration   SAN  
ENOVIA - Supply Chain Exchange   SCE  
ENOVIA - PPR Hub STEP Part 21 Adapter   STH  
ENOVIA - Multisite System Administration Web   SYA  
ENOVIA - Vault Server Administration   VSA  
ENOVIA - Web Viewer   W3V  
ENOVIA - Engineering Change Management   ECM  
ENOVIA - VPM Navigator   VPN  
ENOVIA - VPM Relational Design   RLD  
ENOVIA - VPM Configured Product Design   CGP  
ENOVIA - VPM Supply Chain Engineering Exchange   WPE  
ENOVIA - VPM EIectrical Cable Route Management   ECV  
ENOVIA - Application Desktop   ADK  
ENOVIA - Action Editor   AED  
ENOVIA - EBOM Product Definition   PDC  
ENOVIA - EBOM Detailing & Configuration   PAS  
ENOVIA - Product Interference Management   PIM  
ENOVIA - Structure Penetration Management   SPT  
ENOVIA - Engineering HUB Product   EPI  
ENOVIA - Multi-Tier Enterprise Architecture   T3A