Assembly Simulation Engineers

Assembly Simulation Engineers

Creating operations to build the as-planned product and analyzing requirements

DELMIA Live Assembly

Interactrive 3D Assembly Feasibility

DELMIA Live Assembly (LAS) gives product designers a simple-to-use programming and simulation interface that lets non-expert simulation users conduct assembly feasibility analysis. Designers can experience the manufacturing assembly structure to create, simulate, and re-order assembly trajectories during their analysis in the intuitive Version 6 3D environment.

The virtual 3D LAS environment lets design engineers evaluate and update designs with multiple stakeholders at any time in the product, process, and resource planning stages.

  • Find and correct design-for-assembly issues early in the product design cycle
  • Enable collaborative review among design stakeholders
  • Automatic extraction of possible disassembly direction for each part to facilitate path creation
    LAS automatically proposes disassembly extraction direction that simplifies the creation of trajectories. Users get 3D feedback on how the selected assembly can be moved.
  • Dedicated 3D manipulator that makes it easy to create part motion
    LAS provides a dedicated 3D manipulator for easy part-motion creation with collision detection feedback. Users can move an assembly in the proposed collision-free direction or define their own motion direction. They get collision feedback when the assembly can’t move because of geometric constraints with other assemblies or because a collision occurs when the assembly is moved manually.
  • Automatic creation of assembly sequences
    LAS automatically creates an assembly sequence when an extraction path is defined on one of the assembly components.
  • Operation sequence viewer & editor for simple viewing of the assembly specification
    LAS users can easily manage the assembly sequence with the Operation Sequencer—a filmstrip-like interface. It displays the assembly sequence and lets users manage and re-order the sequence with simple drag-and-drop functions.
  • Interactive replay of trajectory and assembly sequence
    The assembly path of a single component, or the complete assembly sequence of all components of a manufacturing assembly level, can be played at any time during the assembly definition.
  • Navigate and reorganize the 3D manufacturing assembly structure
    LAS lets the user navigate the components of an assembly structure through a collapse-expand functionality. They can easily reorganize assemblies in the 3D view interactively to modify the manufacturing assembly structure through drag-and-drop and group capabilities. Users can also edit manufacturing assembly attributes to capture the make-buy decision.