CATIA V5-6R eleva il livello di eccellenza del design

Con questa release, i vantaggi offerti dalle funzionalità della piattaforma 3DEXPERIENCE diventano accessibili per una collaborazione ottimale con V5-6R.

La collaborazione sociale, la gestione aziendale e le funzionalità di dashboarding della piattaforma 3DEXPERIENCE possono essere utilizzate per supportare i processi che utilizzano gli strumenti disponibili in V5-6R.

DELMIA ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Server (EMS)
The ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub is a customizable database that supports the DELMIA Product, Process, and Resource (PPR) data model.
Product Overview
Product Highlights

Product Overview

The ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub is a customizable database that supports the DELMIA Product, Process, and Resource (PPR) data model. The Manufacturing Hub is the repository for all data and relationships of products, processes, and resources used in manufacturing planning. The architecture introduces a single database instance which is used concurrently by several types of clients, although only one modification is allowed at a time. The maximum number of active clients for a Manufacturing Hub is configurable.

Libraries are provided to contain all global data such as plantype sets with related template projects, work system components, global scripts, planning states, raw materials, as well as regular types and V5 catalogs. The data model primarily uses inheritance as a modeling mechanism in its hierarchical structure.

The Manufacturing Hub introduces an object-oriented data model to store data in the database. A project is a container for all data objects belonging to the planning realized within that project. Three main types of components (products, processes, and resources) exist in the data model.

Customization provides facilities to extend the data model for both user-defined types and attributes, and to store this information. Customization introduces its own data model containing entities describing types, attributes, and parent/child relationships. These entities model how components are structured within projects. They also provide the facilities necessary to extend the data model. The customization's data model is referred to as the metadata model. The metadata model holds display information for clients.

Product Highlights

The ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub provides:

  • A single product, process, and resource data model
  • Libraries containing master plantype sets and data allowing reuse of best practices across the extended enterprise
  • Metadata models providing a customizable data model