Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides end-to-end software, content and services, designed to support companies’ innovation processes. Our software applications and services encompass three principal spheres: “Product-Sphere”, “Geo-Sphere” and “Bio‑Sphere” reflecting the Company’s expanded purpose to provide business and people with virtual 3DEXPERIENCE universes enabling to imagine innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature and life.


Our diverse customer base includes customers in 12 industrial sectors: Aerospace & Defense; Transportation & Mobility; Marine & Offshore; Industrial Equipment; High‑Tech; Architecture, Engineering & Construction; Consumer Goods & Retail; Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail; Life Sciences; Energy, Process & Utilities; Financial and Business Services; and Natural Resources.


Our world leadership reflects our core DNA as a scientific company - combining science, technology and art to help advance the success of our customers and users.




Our Business Strengths

We believe that our global leadership has been enabled by our key business strengths with a:

  • Software applications portfolio focused on helping customers address many of their most critical product issues.

  • Strategic vision, with a long-term focus, well supported by a long-standing financial model characterized by a high level of recurring software revenue.

  • Substantial commitment to technological innovation which has enabled us to define and create new markets, such as 3D Design, Digital Mock‑Up, Product Lifecycle Management and 3DEXPERIENCE. We maintain an active, ongoing dialogue with customers and users in product development and an open development platform to broaden product offerings for customers.

  • A clear identity and value to our users through a market‑proven brand strategy. Commencing in 2012 the Company began to launch Industry Solution Experiences that focus on key processes and bring together the appropriate applications from its market‑leading brand applications portfolio.

  • Resilient and dynamic ecosystem of partners, including for business sales, service with system integrators, software development, educational and research and technology.

Growth Strategy of Dassault Systèmes

We have multiple key growth drivers to support revenue growth based upon an estimated 3DEXPERIENCE addressable market of approximately $32 billion. Our principal growth drivers include:

  • Users Expansion in our Core Industries;
  • Diversification of our Industry Coverage;
  • Deepening of our Regional Market Penetration;
  • Availability of on premise, on the cloud and mobile applications;
  • Expansion of the Group with acquisitions well aligned with our 3DEXPERIENCE horizon.

Growth Strategy of Dassault Systèmes