cadcam data

Partner Story: CADCAM Data

CADCAM Data is a member of CADCAM Group, which is a leading provider of PLM solutions in the South East European region.

CADCAM Data rich experience in providing software and services for mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and product development, as well as Dragana’s own extensive experience in the software and system integration IT industry and business development, may serve you as a valuable source of advice.


Do you know what are the key factors for a successful and fruitful collaboration with Dassault Systèmes❔

  • How can building great teams transform your business into a first-class service provider for your customers?
  • How can the collaboration between different Dassault Systèmes Value Partners accelerate and multiply projects implementation?
  • How to maintain lasting relationships with your customers while leading them through the digital transformation?
  • And if we combine sales and marketing teams into one “smarketing team”, what results do we get?

To all these questions and many others, you can find answers in this remarkable video interview of Dragana Kecic, the Chief Business Officer of CADCAM Data, with the support of Ottavio P., the Dassault Systèmes EUROMED Marketing Senior Manager.